You Know You're Catholic When...

Things we Catholics all do and say :)

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You know you’re Catholic when someone calls you a Jesus Freak and you take it as a HUGE compliment

Half of the people you follow on tumblr disappear because they gave it up for Lent.


I literally haven’t updated the list of Catholic Tumblrs in months. I know i have a lot of you to add, but i’ve been super duper busy. Please don’t freak out if you don’t see your name on it! I promise i’ll get it updated when i have time. Thanks for your patience!!!

o-happiness asked: You know you're Catholic when you look for the words "Imprimatur", "nihil obstat" and/or "Imprimi Potest" on the copyright page in Catholic texts just to make sure it doesn't contain any doctrinal errors or contradictions with the Catholic faith.

Anonymous asked: you know you're catholic when: "and als--YOUR SPIRIT!"

When you hear a really romantic song and think “That’s how the Lord thinks of me!”